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About Hould Angus

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Hould Angus Ranch is located about 10 miles Southeast of Havre Montana, along little Box Elder Creek. The ranch is very diverse in topography and range conditions, with mountain grass and abundant freshwater springs roaring 300’ above the plains. Just 10 miles away, at our home place, you will find sagebrush and prairie grasses in abundance where the water is not. The weather here is also just as diverse as the landscape. Many winter days we see warmer temperatures compared to the Milk River Valley. We catch a lot of chinook winds that allow us to graze out much longer than the ranches 10 miles North of us. It’s hard to explain and harder to believe until you see it with your own eyes.


My wife Ruby and I are very fortunate to have five great kids: Jessica,Tyler,Tucker, Hunter and Cole. Three of our boys have returned to live here on the ranch and help with the many different facets that come with ranch life. It’s been a whirlwind, but without our boys, none of this would have been possible.


Hould Angus began in 1993 with the purchase of several cows from a couple great herds of cattle in Montana. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned and the land, along with all the cows, were sold 2000. Soon after, I took a great job working for Triangle Communications which led me to Havre, Montana. I knew I wanted to get back into cattle at some point but didn’t know when or what I actually wanted to accomplish with it. I just knew I wanted a cow that required very little input and had that range cow look with adaptability. Out of pure luck, I ran into the Cole Creek Angus program. In the spring of 2002, I went to their production sale and purchased a cow that would stamp herself into our program from that day forward and become the ultimate matriarch for years to come. It’s still hard to believe I was able to purchase such an incredible cow for only $700.


In 2002 I met my wife, Ruby. Together we have built a wonderful life, family-owned ranch and a great set of cows. In the early days (about 15 years total) I was working four days a week out of town. Because of this, our cow herd had to be manageable for myself, Ruby and our five very young kids. It was important that they be fault and trouble free. It was a slow process to say the least, but today I look back and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. In 2016 Ruby and I purchased most of the ranch she was raised on. In 2020, we acquired the remaining property. Without the help of Ruby and all our kids this would not have been attainable. Later that year, after 20 years of working for Triangle Communications, I was able to retire and spend all my time doing what I truly love to do. I have not regretted that decision for one second. I believe that if everyone fights for their dreams and has the support of their wife and family in their corner, they can accomplish anything.


So the bottom line is this...

We breed cattle with Maternal Performance

backed by Genetics With Maternal Integrity.

We breed for the cow! There is and always

will be zero emphasis on EPD’s.

Just good cattle that are fertile,

functional, great uddered and

productive enough to hang around

into their teen years.

We invite you to come pay us a visit

and see what our ranch is all about.

J Bob Hould and Family

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