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Our ranch is located about 10 miles South and East of Havre, MT along Little Box Elder Creek. Our weather is much milder than that of Havre and the milk river valley. This allows us to graze out longer and to push our cattle harder.
My wife Ruby and I are very fortunate to have 5 great kids: Jessica, Tyler, Tucker, Hunter and Cole. All of our children have been involved in making our operation successful.
For 16 years now I have been employed by Triangle Telephone Cooperative, which means me being gone from the ranch from 6am to 6pm four days a week. For years now my kids have stepped up and helped out on every chore on the place. From feeding cows, calving cows and heifers, tagging and weighting calves, heat detecting cows for AI and ET. Each night they get to bucket feed the bulls their corn and pellets. As you can see by reading this, there is one thing that must be in place in order for us to run effectively - problem free, trouble free, docile cattle. You can rest assure that any and all problems are taken to town and have no place here on the ranch.
Last year we were given the opportunity to take over Ruby’s family place. Her parents Fred and Violet Davey have retired and are chasing grand kids. We appreciate the incredible opportunity that this has allowed us. Because of this we have plenty of extra grass to graze and with the kids growing older and moving on with their lives. I plan to move this into an all forage grazing operation. We will keep our foundation cows and retain the heifer calves this fall and hope to maintain 170-180 head of mother cows with very little inputs throughout the winter months. In November we will have an online sale again to sell 30-40 registered cows and 80-100 head of our commercial cows. If you would like to receive sale info please let us know.
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J Bob Hould

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